$3.00 16oz. Hamms Goons,

Theodore Hamm started brewing in America in 1856 with one clear notion, "to make a quality, classic brew to be enjoyed by all".

Burger Yum.jpg

$2.99 1/2 lb.Burger

A delicious, half-pound, charbroiled burger of goodness, the Flagship of The Bon Aire menu! It's only $3.99 every day, but be lavish on Monday and buy your mom a burger and a Hamms. 

Austin FC Watch Parties

$4.00 Mic Ultra & Altstadt Pints during the game. Click logo for schedule.

Rav1 (2).jpg
tuesday & Tursday

$2.99 Toasted Ravioli - 6 w/Marinara

Toasted Ravioli, a St. Louis Classic, universally delicious. 6 crispy, golden brown, 4-cheese ravioli with home-made marinara for only $2.99. A must try.